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Maple Talby Associates have many years of experience in solving business and security problems. Our team includes specialists with experience in law enforcement and investigations. We are market leaders in offering high status companies and clients our advice throughout the world specialising in security problems that are pertinent to the business world of today.

Many of our clients use a combination of the company's business and security skills to help look after their private affairs, combining the company's knowledge with that of other professionals - accountants, solicitors, - to offer our clients a tailor made service. We can confidently say that we count some of the world's leading company executives, members of royal families, corporations and finance houses as some of our clients.

We operate internationally and recently this has included the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Acting as a leading advisor, we have specialised in collating information, presenting it to legal teams when necessary and supplying detailed reports to that of court standards. This company has the backing of the latest technology that is available in this field, we believe providing a service that is second to none.

We have our own team of business professionals who are highly trained and offer our clients that extra piece of mind when faced with security/business problems and risks, not only in their business but also their personal lives.

Maple Talby Associates are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible, performed with discretion and honesty. We offer a complete service, covering all aspects of business and security.